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Paint The Stampede Blu!

Paint the Stampede Blu!
The Calgary Stampede is an annual tradition here in Calgary but this was Iris Blu’s first time. For those of you who don’t know, the Stampede is a celebration of Western heritage and culture and we just had to find a way to make the most of our first visit!
We’ve spent a full week searching out our favourite things and we’re excited to share them with you!

1. Pancake Breakfasts
Is there a better way to start your day? The pancake breakfast is a famous tradition that was started almost a hundred years ago by a chuckwagon driver named Jack Morton who invited people to share his morning meals with him.
Nowadays we don’t have to wait for chuckwagon drivers to invite us to breakfast, there’s a variety of people, organizations and volunteers just waiting to fill us up with a delicious, sugary breakfast!


2. Visiting the Animals in the Agriculture Building
We couldn’t attend the greatest outdoor show on earth without taking the time to learn a bit about the animals that take centre stage! The baby cows were our favourite!


3. Testing Your Luck on a Spin Wheel
Inside the BMO Centre there’s a few spin wheels but the most exciting is the Real Canadian Superstore’s spin wheel at the Click & Collect booth – there’s no risk, only reward! When you spin the wheel you have the opportunity to win a variety of prizes including $25 in free online groceries. We could put that money towards hosting our own pancake breakfast!


4. Salted Caramel Deep Fried Coffee
It’s practically mandatory that you must love coffee to work at Iris Blu so when we found deep fried coffee on the midway we knew we had to investigate! It’s sweet, salty and cures your craving!
Until the 17th, the only way we’re taking our coffee is fried!


5. Enjoying a Show at the Coca-Cola Stage
There’s no shortage of entertainment at the Stampede but hands down our favourite has been the Coca-Cola Stage! A variety of artists, covering a variety of musical genres perform every night. We were lucky enough to catch Coleman Hell and it’s been the highlight of our first week here!


6. Take it all in from the WestJet Skyride
With everything going on at the Calgary Stampede, it’s nice to take a minute to sit down and relax and there’s no better place to take a seat than on the WestJet Skyride. Do it at night to enjoy an aerial view of the grounds and enjoy all the beautiful lights.


7. Nightly Fireworks
Another highlight of the Calgary Stampede is the nightly fireworks show. Every night around 11 p.m. – after the Grandstand Show – you can enjoy a breathtaking fireworks show that lights up the Calgary sky. The best part? You don’t even have to be on the grounds to take in the sight!


Think we missed anything? Let us know – we’ve still got a few days to check out your recommendations!

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